Ovarian Cyst Treatment

Ovarian Cyst TreatmentsStudies have shown that almost all women will have at least one ovarian cyst during their lifetime, most often during their reproductive years. Most of these cysts are benign (non cancerous) and often develop after the release of the egg and will go away on their own within two or three menstrual cycles. However, some women do experience ovarian cysts on a regular basis and more than one cyst at a time.

Ovarian cyst treatment depends on the size and type of cyst you may have and runs the gambit from traditional medicine to holistic approaches. Here are a few of the more common ovarian cyst treatments women use.

Watchful Waiting

In most cases, women who have an ovarian cyst show few symptoms and have little discomfort. Some may not know they have a cyst at all and others may discover they have a cyst after an ultra sound is performed. If the cyst appears to be fluid filled and if there are no painful symptoms doctors often advise a wait and watch approach as the first type of ovarian cyst treatment. The wait and watch approach means that you will be recommended to have periodic check ups to make sure that the cyst is not growing and to see if the cyst is resolving itself. In most cases, benign ovarian cysts do disappear on their own.

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Birth Control

In cases where ovarian cysts seem to accompany each menstruation cycle your doctor may recommend birth control pills. Birth control pills help reduce the chances of new cysts forming by reducing the amount of estrogen.


In cases where the cyst is extremely large or contains solid material surgery may be needed to remove the cyst or the ovary containing the cyst. If the cyst is cancerous then a full hysterectomy will be done to prevent the spread of the cancer.

Many women choose to take a more active role in their health and choose to use a natural ovarian cyst treatment. These natural treatments can consist of the taking of supplemental vitamins and minerals, herbal treatments and changes in diet. Here are a few of the more popular treatments that are used.

  • Vegetarian diet with strong emphasis on eating beets, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables and lemons.
  • Vitamin supplements especially A, E and C
  • Herbal treatments including herbal teas to help relax the muscles and make the symptoms less painful.

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In addition, several books and e-books on the market state that the author has a secret system that will end ovarian cysts forever. However, there is little evidence that any of these secret systems work.

The best ovarian cyst treatment is the one that works for you. Not all treatments work for every woman so expect to do some trial and error to find the best treatment for you.

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