Ovarian Cyst Pain Relief

Ovarian Cyst Pain ReliefThe good news is that ovarian cysts have no painful symptoms per se although other signs like changes in menstruation patterns will be observed. The bad news is that when the fallopian tubes are twisted, the cyst is pushing on the nearby tissues or the cyst has ruptured, mild to moderate pelvic pain can be experienced.

Now, this is the time when ovarian cyst pain relief is a good thing to possess probably more than all the riches in the world.

Pain Experience

You will experience ovarian cyst-related pain primarily in the pelvic area, which makes sense considering that the fallopian tubes are in the general vicinity. The pain can be just a dull throb on most days but there will be days when the pain borders on the excruciating kind.

You may also feel pain in the abdominal area together with feelings of being bloated. Many women report a moderate dysmenorrheal pain that often worsens with even the slightest movement. You may also feel pain during sexual intercourse.

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Painkillers – The Natural Ways

Fortunately, there are natural methods to alleviate ovarian cyst pain. Most of these methods will work on mild to moderate pain in women suffering from a ruptured ovarian cyst. You must, however, consult with your doctor even when relief from the pain is gained since a ruptured ovarian cyst can be fatal when left untreated.

  • Place hot compresses on the part where the pain is greatest. Soaking in a hot tub will also provide pain relief.
  • Ice therapy may also provide relief from the pelvic pain. Wrap a few ice cubes inside a cloth pad and then place on the affected area.
  • Natural diuretics provide a significant degree of ovarian cyst pain relief by lessening the pressure on the internal organs which the cyst is pushing against. We suggest eating foods with parsley although do try to go easy on the herb as overdoses can lead to kidney problems. Tomatoes are excellent natural diuretics as well.
  • Limit your movement whenever ovarian cyst pain is present. Again, you want to lessen the pressure on the surrounding organs and on the fallopian tubes itself.
  • Loose clothing is also recommended since there is little additional external pressure that can further irritate the ovarian cyst.

In many ways, the natural methods for ovarian cyst pain reliefare a matter of trial and error. Do whatever works best for your case just as long as the doctor says it’s okay.

Medical Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

Now, if your pain does not alleviate with the abovementioned methods or you want to supplement the natural methods with medication, you can ask a doctor for the appropriate pain killer. The most commonly recommended over-the-counter painkillers are acetaminophen and ibuprofen although other prescription medicines may also be prescribed.

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Birth control pills may also be recommended but you must seek medical opinion on the matter. Keep in mind that pain relief is the main goal, not anything else.

Probably the most effective ovarian cyst pain relief is surgical removal of the offending mass of fluid in the fallopian tubes. But if your doctor recommends non-surgical methods, then these ways will be explored first before surgery is even considered.

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