Ovarian Cyst Size

Ovarian Cyst SizeWhen you consider that a normal ovary is about the size of a walnut, you would naturally assume than an ovarian cyst would be extremely small. Sometimes that is the case. In most cases, ovarian cyst size depends a great deal on the type of ovarian cyst you have.

Follicle cysts usually range from extremely tiny to about the size of a pea and disappear after a few days or weeks sometimes without ever letting their presence be known.

Luteum cysts usually remain relatively small, rarely growing larger than 2 inches before diminishing on their own, though there have been cases where luteum cysts have grown to be 3 or 4 inches in very rare cases. When you consider how small the ovary is a 3 or 4 inch cyst seems quite large indeed. However, there are other types of cysts that if not removed can grow much larger than 3 or 4 inches before they rupture.

For example, a Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst can reach 6 inches or more in diameter while a Dermoid ovarian cyst can easily reach the size of a small apple or 17 inches in diameter. And a polycystic ovary that is covered with multiple cysts can appear 5 times that of a normal healthy ovary.

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While most ovarian cysts are functional they are extremely small and diminish on their own. However, large cysts can cause a great deal of pain. If left unattended they can cause some serious problems for the affected ovary and for your overall health. That is why doctors often monitor a cyst when it has been diagnosed and recommend removal if the cyst continues to grow or is quite large to begin with. The larger the Ovarian cyst size the sooner your doctor will want you to have the cyst removed.

In some cases, an ovarian cyst that has grown too large can cut off circulation to the ovary itself. If the cyst is not removed the ovary will die and can become gangrenous which is one of the reasons that most doctors pay close attention to the ovarian cyst size. Another reason your doctor may recommend surgery for a growing ovarian cyst before it gets too big is that if they can remove the cyst with laprascopic surgery your recovery time with be reduced and you will have less pain from the surgery.

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If you have not been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst but are having pain in the area of your ovaries or pelvis or feel pressure when you urinate, you should speak to a medical professional about what you are feeling. This may be an indication that you do have an ovarian cyst and if so your doctor needs to be informed so they can keep an eye on it. While the chances are good that even if you do have an ovarian cyst it may not need treatment it is always good to be reassured and have your doctor keep an eye on the ovarian cyst size in case surgery is needed at a later date.

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